If you are interested in purchasing a FBF ferret, please fill this out and email it to us at or send it via PM to us on our Facebook page.

Do you have other ferrets? If so, how many? If not, do you have any experience with ferrets?



If you do have other ferrets, tell me a bit about them, their play time and what diet they are on.



Where will you be keeping your new FBF ferret?



If you already have ferrets as pets, how long have you kept them?



What interests you in having a FBF ferret and where did you hear about us?



Will the FBF ferret be kept as a pet or a worker and will you be breeding any time in the future? We ask this so we can ensure if you intend to breed that there nothing closely related in the lines before doing so as the gene pool is very small in the angora lines.


Can you please specify what you would like? Would you like a specific kit from a certain mother or father or a certain colour or sex?  Also, would you prefer a half, semi angora (a semi angora is more than half but not quite full) or full angora?


Can you please give me the name of the vet you use, where you are located and your age?



Thank you very much for taking the time out to fill in the questionnaire.