The Jills

From time to time, we have adults available for breeding or pet homes. If you are interested to be put on the list for a particular girl to join your ferretry or family when we retire them, let us know. We plan on retiring quite a few of our girls this year so if you are interested drop us a line.

You can see the lineage of all our breeding jills here at our Ferret Family Tree. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the girls that are part of our breeding program. If you want to view the bigger version of their photos, just click on them.

This gorgeous beauty is Roma. She is a semi angora chocolate self with gorgeous bright green eyes. She is a small built girl and very lean and muscular. She likes to clamber up your arms for cuddles then demand to be put down as soon as you do. I wish she would make up her mind! LOL. Click here to see more photos of Roma and to view her pedigree.

12636925_1199179190096672_722419736_oThis lovely girl is Sakura from Siberian Athens. We imported her from Russia in 2016.  She is a semi angora milk mouth and Suzanne’s favourite girl. She is a medium jill with a beautiful head shape and solid muscular body. She is a very cuddly girl but also likes her playtime. Her favourite pastime is trying to escape into the yard when you collect her from her outside play area. Click here for more photos of Sakura. Pedigree to follow. 14518247_10154080141429426_621176764_n
This semi angora is NoNo from Tesa at Cheshire Ferrets. We imported her from Spain in 2016. She has quite the unusual colouring. She is considered polka dot sable by her breeder and from her neck down she has a very unique apricot undercoat. After speaking with her breeder, she said that the undercoat tone carries in her line which we find exciting as we have yet to come across that before. She is the most lazy ferret Suzanne has ever owned. First to bed, last to wake up. She is so laid back, she is almost horizontal. Ha ha!  Click here for more photos of NoNo and to view her pedigree.
This little cutie is Red Hot Chili Pepper aka Chili who was born in our ferretry in 2016. She is a semi angora chocolate mitt. She has a nice medium sized muscular body with a beautiful head. She is very clever and tends to find the escape route if one should exist. Do you want to know if you are properly ferret proofed? Then borrow her. She will quickly show you that you aren’t. LOL  Click here for more pictures of Chili and to view her pedigree.
This stunner is Rubi bred by Funny Pet Ferrets. We imported her from Spain in 2016. She is a black solid semi angora. We have been wanting a black solid semi angora for a couple of years now and here she is. Finally! She is probably the most playful girl that resides at Candy’s and she and Mohican tend to be the two naughties. The troublesome twosome. Woe is me! Other than causing trouble, she hasn’t once ever offered to even as much nip unless she gets overexcited in playtime and even then, she is quite gentle about it. Click here to see more photos of Rubi. Pedigree to follow. IMG_7511
This beauty is Maple. She was bred by Exquisite Ferrets and is on loan to us for our 2016-2017 breeding season.  She is a beautiful chocolate part angora with hazel eyes. She is usually quite sensible with the odd daft moments. Her nature can’t be faulted, nor can her build and structure. She is just perfect. Click here for more pictures of Maple and to view her pedigree.
This is Lexa from Royal Angora Ferretry who joined us in 2016. She is a pinto panda semi angora. Lexa is a huge girl. By far our biggest. She is almost the same size as Ghost. She is one girl who loves her grub more than anything in the whole wide world. Her life revolves around grub. If she had a think bubble above her head, I am sure it would be nothing but thoughts of food. Pheasant is her all time favourite food and it is an amusing sight to see her try to run off with a pheasant so she can try to consume it all by herself. Click here for more pictures of Lexa and to view her pedigree.

This is Noisette. She is a beautiful black roan mitt semi angora. She is of small stature with big beautiful hazel eyes. She is very cheeky and likes to cause trouble on occasion. She has a little mouse she likes to play with quite a lot and she even carries it about with her. Click here for more photos of Noisette and to view her pedigree.IMG_7555
This is Mia. She joined us from Angel Delight Ferretry in Scotland in 2015. She is a beautiful tiny black self mitt semi angora with hazel eyes. She has a really nice structure with the biggest round eyes we have ever seen. She is a wonderful well behaved girl and she is just a pleasure to have. Click here to see more photos of Mia and to view her pedigree.

This is Cinnamint from Royal Angora Ferretry who arrived with us in 2016. She is a cinnamon solid semi angora with minty green eyes, hence the name Cinna-Mint. She is one of the smallest jills we have and is Candy’s favourite girl. She is a very relaxed and calm girl who would rather pass up her raw dinner and head straight for cuddles whilst the others tuck in. Click here to see more photos of Cinnamint and to view her pedigree.

This is Pea Pod from Royal Angora Ferretry who arrived with us in 2016. She is a chocolate semi angora. She is the nightmare of clean out time due to her obsession with the broom. She will chase it and leap on it and try to hang off it. Sigh!! But it is a rather amusing sight to see and gives us quite the laugh. She stems from a line we thought we had lost many moons ago so we are very excited she has joined us. Click here to view her pedigree.
This is Saphira from Exquisite Ferrets who joined us in 2016. She is a part angora black self and is also half sister to Maple. She has a beautiful build, just like Maple. She has a little jingly ball that is her favourite thing in the world. She carries it almost anywhere she goes and even to bed with her. We always have to be careful that it doesn’t get misplaced during the daily cleaning because if it does, she goes mental searching all over for it. Click here to see more photos of Saphira and to view her pedigree.