Previous Litters

Here are some gorgeous photos of our angora ferret kits we have bred dating back from 2008 to 2014.

semi angora ferret kitangora ferret kit semi angora ferret kit 136014_10152180325070363_995323626_o angora ferret babies 167453_10151816099400363_1573970753_n 464611_10151795901525363_1894177997_o panda angora ferret 249814_10150652325795363_4860843_n baby angora ferret angora ferret 261790_10150667958395363_1581583_n 599938_10151828132685363_2117389775_n 540612_10151818819010363_447950894_n chocolate angora ferret

And this handsome fellow is our first angora born in our ferretry. The handsome Sluggers.sluggers sluggers1