Potential Litters 2019

Anyone wanting to reserve a kit for 2019 whether UK or elsewhere, please fill out our Questionnaire. We do allow import/shipping in most cases. We use a brilliant courier service, Firefly Pet Courier who can deliver all over the UK. We also have contacts to deliver within the EU and we have experience with exporting to USA.

Potential planned matings are below. If you would like to reserve from a specific pairing, please let us know. And to those on our reserve list already, if you see a pairing that sparks your interest, drop us a line.
Some matings are subject to change. And also keep in mind that from our experience, we do not expect for every one of these pairings to produce litters. We do try to mate in doubles or small groups. This is to either pair up girls or to ensure there is back up in case something goes wrong with a litter or a mom. It also means we have more one on one time for the litters by spacing them out. 

Coming soon. Or for more up to date information, check out our Facebook page.

The kits here at Frisky Business Ferretry start a complete raw meat diet at 3 to 4 weeks of age. They will start to be handled at around 5 weeks of age by us and our families.  We leave dry kibble down 24/7 but raw meat is the main part of our ferrets diet. They will be used to a busy home life, other ferrets, the dog as well as children. If you decide to reserve a kit, we will do our best to send you photos or post them on our Facebook page at least once a week, but usually more. We want you to feel as if you are a part of them as they develop and grow and hear about their progress. Here is a quick note on preparing for your new kit: You And Your Kit