2015 Litters


Criminal Minds
Boys:  Aaron, Derek, Dr Spencer  Girls: Penelope, Ashley
Birth Date: April 26th, 2015.
Mother: Sushi, sable mitt standard
Father: Rocket of Devon Dreams Ferretry, dark silver pinto panda angora
Pedigrees:  Sushi and Rocket
sush` sush2 sush3sush

A Bug’s Life
Boys: Girls:
May 2nd, 2015
 Bug of Frisky Business Ferretry, semi angora marked white
Father: Fiero of United Ferrets Ferretry, black roan mitt angora
Pedigrees: Bug and Fiero


When purchasing a FBF ferret, we offer lifetime support to answer any questions through-out ownership and we like the owners to keep in contact with us regarding health or any other issues. Your feedback helps us better our lines and keep records of any health problems that might arise.

The kits here at Frisky Business Ferretry start a raw meat diet at 3 to 4 weeks of age. They will start to be handled at around 5 weeks of age by us and our families. Dry kibble will be introduced into their diet around 6 weeks of age. We leave dry kibble down 24/7 but raw meat is the main part of our ferrets diet. They will be used to a busy home life, other ferrets, cats and dogs as well as children. If you decide to reserve a kit, we will do our best to send you photos or post them on our Facebook page at least 3 times a week, but usually more. We want you to feel as if you are a part of them as they develop and grow and hear about their progress. Here is a quick note on preparing for your new kit: You And Your Kit

Our kits do not have a set age we home them at. It all depends on their growth and development. But usually our kits are ready to go to their new home around 10 weeks of age. We do allow use of a courier and importation.

I will give you a quick brief on how things are done here as far as moving moms and their kits. First the jill will move from Suzanne’s home (unless already residing with me) about 7 to 10 days before due date where she will move into the quiet maternity ward here. This gives her time to get familiar with the new smells, sounds and routine. The kits will then stay with me until they are around 7 weeks of age where they will then move to Suzanne’s. There they will live indoors and get used to the dog, cat and kids. It also gets them used to indoor sounds like the vacuum and television. They will also get play times out in her home and outside in her runs. Most of them stay with Suzanne until they leave to their new homes but sometimes they do come back here. We work everything on kind of a rota and we usually just go with whatever works best for us and the ferrets at the time and because we are both stay at home moms, we are able to devote lots of time to the moms and kits.